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Sweet Dreams

Alisha has loved Clayton since they were kids. With his dark hair and pale gold eyes that look right through her, he captured her heart long ago. There's only one problem—Clay is her cousin by marriage.

Clay has been trying not to notice what a sexy, desirable woman his little cousin has turned into for years. Family ties are important to him and he's not about to alienate the people who love him and took him in when he was younger.

Alisha has tried everything to break down Clay's barriers and is about to give up when a golden opportunity arises. Testing for the sweetdreams drug is underway and Alisha volunteers to take the REM sleep enhancer that causes subjects to act out their dreams.

Now with a valid excuse to show her older cousin how she feels without consequences, Alisha will act out her most erotic fantasies in a final effort to get Clay between the sheets and into her love life forever. But how will Clay feel when he finds out he's been tricked into the forbidden relationship? And what are the real side effects of sweetdreams when the results are taboo sex and bitter betrayal?

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