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A Kingdom of Bitter Magic

A dragon rider seeking revenge for the death of her brother. A ruthless fae lord with his own agenda. A love that will drop the fae kingdom to its knees.

I’m nothing but an orphan, a dragon trainer in one of the many border fortresses. When beasts attack the villages, I ride, driving them back to the hellscape they crawled from.

When my adopted brother’s killed during battle, I discover who’s controlling the invading beasts—the brutal ruler of the neighboring fae kingdom. A gruesome plot is brewing beneath the glimmering fae surface, and he’s responsible for it all. Now vengeance is all I live for. No matter how powerful or well-guarded the king is, I will avenge my brother. This I swear.

To infiltrate the king’s court, I’m forced to make a deal with Vexxion, a devastatingly beautiful and equally malicious fae lord. In exchange for getting me close to the king, I’ll allow Vexxion to collar me at the upcoming Claiming. He’ll train me, and I’ll give him access to my supposedly dormant magic. Little does he know I have no power for him to harness.

Surrendering to Vexxion’s seductive allure could fracture what little remains of my heart. Falling for him could destroy my wounded soul.

But learning his wicked secrets could shatter me completely.

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Dodał: Sanai
28 VI 2024 (27 dni temu)

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