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Betrothal or Breakaway

My best friend—and unrequited love—has a hole in her heart. Literally and figuratively.

First, Amber’s fiancé left her when she told him she was pregnant, and then her daughter's birth left her with complications from a heart defect she didn’t realize she had.

I’m devastated.

Of course I offer to pay for her surgery, but Amber (stubborn woman that she is) insists on wanting to pay me back, which I don't understand. As captain of an NHL team, I have plenty of spare cash, and I’m more than happy to help. I want to help.

So I come up with a plan.

I’ll marry Amber, my health insurance will cover her surgery, I’ll help with the baby, and the gold band on my finger will get my parents—who seem to think I'm incapable of love—off my back.

It's a win-win for both of us.

Two years of platonically wedded bliss before we amicably go our separate ways, and remain best friends, as always.

Only, how am I supposed to let Amber go when I’m not only in love with her, but also with her baby girl… who now feels like my own.

And I might have to let her go sooner than I ever wanted to.

Seria D.C. Eagles Hockey

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3. Betrothal or Breakaway

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Wydawnictwo: Jaguar
Rok wydania: 2024
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Dodał: Miravelle
16 II 2024 (5 miesięcy temu)

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