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Tainted Light

Only a mad woman would willingly go to hell. Good thing I'm as crazy as they come.

He hurt me more than anyone else has. I lived through a childhood of abuse, lost my mentor, and fought to survive against everything from demons to the Wizard Order, but nothing prepared me for the cutting pain of being told I was nothing to him.

Now, he's dying. Some tainted angel has him chained up and is breaking his body and mind piece by piece.

I shouldn't give a damn, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't tear my heart out.

To save him, I must do what no other mortal has: get in and out of hell in one piece. Breaking in is the easy part. The rest? I'll need more than magic and stubborn pride.

There's one person I know who'll always be in my corner, and it just so happens she's a paladin to boot. But how can I ask the woman I love to rescue the demon who broke my heart?

Buckle up, kids. We're going to hell.

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