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Broken House

This. This, right here? This was typical. No. I apologize. Wrong word. This, right here? This was ironic.

This was the most ironic sh*t, I'd ever experienced. How long had I spent wanting and pleading to die?

Then, at my darkest moment... I'd found a reason for hope. A possibility for something more than what had been a fairly depressing existence thus far. So... the irony of being as close to death's door as I'd ever been was not lost on me. I suppose this was my opportunity to enjoy the closest I'd ever get to death. I was in Hell.

Except hell was far different than I expected. By day the Art Deco hotel paradise featured a fantastic martini menu and my handsome psychopathic boss. By night it became a playground for a bloody hunt. Broken House: A show like nothing you've ever seen! If 'show' was defined as 'a hunt'. Hunting of exotic creatures was fairly popular with demons because it allowed them a night to do whatever the hell they wanted with them.

The best part? My brother and I were on the menu.

My problems are growing bigger everyday as I avoid a vengeful Momon. My boys have no idea where I am and my brother has completely checked out. I could give into this chaos but I want to live. I didn't want to live in a tortuous cycle of pain anymore. I know. Shocking. What I really wanted though? My boys back. Unfortunately, there was only one man who could give me that Is my happiness worth what it would cost me? I guess we'd see.

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