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Power of Rage

“The final performance! The most incredible transformation! Never before seen!”

Madame Tan’s Menagerie is closing with one last show.

But is the ten-thousand-dollar ticket worth its hefty price tag?

Not to me. Unless I turn it into an investment and get the show on tape. With my large social media following, I would find a way to get my money back and earn a profit.

The show turns out to be not what I expected. Nothing is what it seems here, including the owner, Madame Tan. My failure to understand who she truly is nearly costs me my life.

I would’ve had no idea what I walked into that night in Singapore if it wasn’t for Radax, one of Madame’s slaves. He tells me his story and the story of the woman who owns him. More than that, he reveals the horrendous plans she has for the world.

There is no way for me, a mere mortal, to stop what Madame turns out to be. But there are others on Earth who came from Radax’s world. To save life as I know it, I need to find them, unite them, and weaken the force feeding the divine entity that threatens to take over our world.

The fight may cost me all I hold dear, including the man I’ve come to love more than life.

If I knew the price I’d have to pay, would I still do it?

Even I can’t tell.

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04 V 2022 (rok temu)

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