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A sunken ship.

The cruise was supposed to help Coral forget about the past. Instead, it thrusts her into a nightmare of carnage, death, and waves dragging her under. Coral was supposed to die, but a merman’s kiss brings her back to life…

An evil queen.

She wished he would have left her for dead. But the mysterious merman drags her to the Dark Waters where she must stand trial for accusations of crimes she did not commit. Innocence means nothing when the Black Kingdom’s queen is vicious and unforgiving. And not even the merman she thought to be an ally can protect her from her fate…

And a mermaid, fighting for freedom.

Enslaved and forced to do the queen’s bidding, Coral must survive dark magic and strange creatures. Frightened and alone, she can trust no one. Not the maid, who is as much a slave as she. Not the merman, whose heartbroken kiss gave her a second chance. Not the tattooed royal guard, whose blade promises death and body promises ruin.

All Coral can rely on is herself. To discover the secrets the queen harbors. Of old magic and broken kingdoms and wars long lost. Of the hold the witch has on the mer. Because Coral knows the Dark Waters is not what it appears to be. And once she discovers the truth of the Black Kingdom…

She will bring it crumbling to the ground.

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Dodał: Sanai
04 V 2022 (rok temu)

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