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A Palace Fractured

Can love and magic bloom in the shadow of war?

A young woman trapped…
Rosira’s entire life is confined to the Church. Her albino coloring marks her as a Valtain, a religious figurehead worshipped by the masses.

But she has come to resent everything the Church stands for -- and she’s determined to make something more of her life.

A king betrayed...
Araich has been king for less than an hour, and looming war is already casting a shadow over his reign. When his legitimacy is challenged, the country of Ara spirals into unrest -- leaving the young king facing an impossible situation.

A war that will force them to fight...
A deadly attack on a romantic royal ball thrusts Rosira and Araich together, intertwining their fates forever.

But in the darkness of war, nothing is as it seems.

And everything changes as they discover an incredible power that could be their key to victory… or their downfall.

Seria The Valtain Preludes

1. A Palace Fractured
2. A Crown in Shadows

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24 IV 2022 (rok temu)

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