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Fire and Smoke

Tick. Toc. Tick. Toc.
Do you hear that? Yeah. That is the sound of a countdown.
What countdown you ask?
The one where everything goes to sh*t.

Everything had been silent for a week. A week filled with rest and change. A week we needed. Thanksgiving is today and a feeling of apprehension has me brimming with nerves. I know something big is about to happen and I have no idea what.
Well, not exactly.

Will there be a clash between my stalker and I? How the hell are we going to make this relationship of eleven work? What about Gray, my totally bad*ss sister, finding out about our relationship? Or the things we have been neglecting as a Red Masques team? Oh, and let’s not forget the war with the crazy Dark Fae king! Oh, no. But what if it is even larger than that?

At least we have Thanksgiving to look forward to, right? Hadn’t I said something about living until the holidays?
I mean, what’s the worst that can happen…

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