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Love and Heart Braking

A moneylending kraken, angry echo imp, and emotionally limited witch have it out for me.

I swear. What did I ever do to deserve this crap?

Life is more twisted than a forest nymph’s vines, and in an ingenious or moronic move, I’m now working for the Twelve. Until this point they’ve seemed happy to kidnap and drain me, so safe to say this risk is bigger than an earth guardian’s... well, you know.

Protecting those I care about is imperative, yet a sexy detective in a long coat has a different agenda. Then Venus is sending signals that have me doubting 97.5 percent of my choices. Oh, a goblin, griffin, and fangless vampire are counting on me. And on top of all that, Soleil is parading around her true love with no idea that’s what he is. Someone pass me the avocado-covered chocolate, seriously.

The Twelve are up to something huge, something deadly, and I need to figure out what. Because everyone and everything I care about is slipping through my fingers. In my blood and bones I know there’s an answer. But if love is meant to save the day, then this gal is running out of time. And heart.

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Dodał: Sanai
23 IV 2022 (rok temu)

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