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Beasts and Baubles

Seven tears, seven years.
Heave-ho, swelled fears.
Coaxing the abyss,
Not all is clear.

Where topside is down,
Hold tight to the crown.
Savage tides still hunt,
Round, round, round...

I’m having feelings. For the King of Shifters.
How in the realm did that happen? He may be my soul mate, but he is still my enemy. Granted, he’s a fine specimen of male flesh...but he’s still my enemy.

With the five kingdoms in crisis and new visitors knocking on our door, the rulers and I are up to our Fae damned eyeballs in stress. And...did I mention the feelings already? It deserves repeating.

Our quest this time? The Merfolk Kingdom.
The stakes? Our lives. Our realm. Our people.

But, in the end, who is really playing whom?

My name is Trixie Towers. I’m the heir to the Elf Kingdom. My father is nosy and my soul mate is a beast. And I’m beginning to believe it should be that way.
Yes, I said that, Fae. King Athon is mine!

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16 IV 2022 (rok temu)

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