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Crown of Lies

Wicked lives have wicked endings, but they are always worth living.

Ever since Aurelia was born, she believed two things: That faeries are evil and her half-blood existence was wrong. When the crown discovered her, King Fyfe decided to have her trained by Jorthus' elite masters instead of sentencing her to death.

At a summit between faerie rulers and the king of Jorthus, Aurelia comes face to face with the ones she hates. However, when the meeting turns for the worst, the princes take Aurelia back into their territory. This is when she meets Azlyon, an enigmatic Seelie prince, who seems to know nearly everything about her.

Aurelia discovers her blood holds the key in bringing back magik to the lands, but will she be willing to help or hinder the faeries knowing that they plan on reclaiming their realm from human oppressors at any cost.

She must learn to survive the tricky world of the fae even when the gods themselves interfere. But when matters of the heart test her, and the truth comes to light, will she question her allegiance or doom faerie kind?

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Dodał: Sanai
25 III 2022 (rok temu)

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