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The Queen's Nest

Everyone wants the new queen… but some want her dead.

Kings want to marry her, warlords want to steal her, assassins want to poison her… how did a simple brothel maid get this popular?

Born long after the Great Plagues that devastated the continent, Vali is the last of her kind. An innocent, intrepid woman with magical powers that can heal or kill thousands, she rose from the gutters of Rimholt at the command of her king to save her country and, um… take the king’s four best friends as her consorts.

Can you blame her? Those generals knew exactly how to storm a girl’s castle.

Her men have sworn to protect their queen with their lives, though assassins lurk in every shadow. Vali’s the real target, but when her enemies finally attack, her lovers are the ones dying.

But Queen Vali isn’t afraid to fight back, and she’ll risk everything—even her life—to protect her mates.

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27 XI 2021 (10 miesięcy temu)

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