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To Give Her Heart

He’s a pauper, a protector, a whoreson.
She’s a princess, a rebel, a witch.
Can their young love overcome the ugly truth that threatens to separate them forever?

Traumatized by the brutal murder of her beloved father King Vernard, sixteen-year-old Princess Arevik has shut out everyone as she mourns. Her only source of comfort and strength is the servant who stepped between her and the murderers and fought to keep her safe.

Twenty-two-year-old Magod has suffered a recent loss too. His mother was killed by a vengeful witch, leaving him with no one but the necromancer he serves. Not a man to stand idle as others suffer, Magod protected Arevik during the attack that killed her father. And he continues to be her Voice in Mourning at Tatlis Castle as she silently grieves.

Friendship turns to affection, but it’s an impossible love for a princess and a pauper. Especially when Arevik’s brother Ilker, the new king, insists that she choose between two influential suitors and tasks Magod with encouraging her to fulfill her royal duties.

Arevik must decide if she will discharge her obligations or abandon responsibility for the man she desires. And Magod must carry out a command that will leave him lonely and heartbroken or defy the king and risk his life for an unattainable love.

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Dodał: Sanai
07 X 2021 (rok temu)

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