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The Price of Exorcism

I was an exorcist, one of the best. When things got hot, I got out. I wasn’t fast enough, and I ended up with nothing but my parents’ old pizza parlor.

Then my ex-best friend Darius wandered back into my life needing my skills. Innocent lives were in danger and I couldn’t say no. That dragged me deeper into the occult than I ever thought possible, and I can’t see a way back out. There’s upheaval in the demonic world and it’s spilling onto Earth and into my life; including stealing away my incubus boyfriend.

I thought I’d accidentally banished Sabian back to Hell, along with the demonic prince, Ezra, who’d been possessing me at the time. Turns out, the enemy snatched my incubus away from me as leverage in the upcoming war.

Mal, my vampire boyfriend, and I try to summon both Sabian and the demon prince, failing at every turn. When we’re at our wits’ end, Prince Ezra shows up in person with an offer I can’t refuse: help him with a small task and he’ll take me to Hell to rescue my incubus.

Terrifying? Sure, but what isn’t these days? Even more frightening are the feelings tugging me ever closer to Ezra. If I get out of this with my relationships and my soul intact, it’ll be worth the price I’ve paid to get Sabian back.

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07 X 2021 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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