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Elemental Shadowed

An ancient secret and a set of murals could save the world or doom them all.

Tessa doesn’t have much to go by if she’s going to rescue humanity. The prophecy she needs to understand is a closely guarded secret and the murals she found are giving nothing away. After barely surviving her last fight with the demons, she’s thrown into this one before she’s ready.

Only, this time the demons have amassed more power and all of Atlantis is at stake. With her warriors by her side, she’ll not only have to fight for their survival, but also try to unravel the prophecy and mural’s meaning. More questions than answers meet them at every turn. The attempts on Tessa’s life become more frequent when the rumors fly that the key to all of this is a woman.

Their journey may only have just begun, but they’re already running out of time. Can Tessa figure out the clues before innocent lives are lost or does fate have a more deadly plan in mind?

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Dodał: Sanai
15 IX 2021 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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