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Not even psychics always know who to trust.

Parker Mills still has it all. She's the two-time winner of the Miss Divine Pecan Pageant, the chair of the 8th grade social committee, and the new lead in her school's spring play. Even better, Parker has five awesome friends who are just as gifted as she is. As a secret psychic empath, Parker experiences the emotions of everyone around her, even influencing them if she's not careful. But she finally has her power under control, and spring is shaping up to be the perfect end to Parker's middle school career. At least it was perfect until the kids from Archer, the rival middle school across town, are forced to share Parker's school.

Threats and fights explode, but since Parker and her psychic friends are kind of the reason the other school got destroyed (long story), she figures they should do everything they can to make the new kids feel welcome. Unfortunately, the Queen of Archer, Gabby Durand, has no interest in using their mutual influence to smooth out the tensions. Nor does she welcome Parker's award-winning help. She's too busy trying to take Parker's place in everything, as if she ever could. But with new dangers coming at the secret psychics from all sides, Parker needs to work with Gabby before their rivalry literally burns down the school.

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Dodał: Sanai
08 VI 2021 (rok temu)

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