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If you could change people’s hearts, would you?

As a psychic empath, 14-year-old Parker Mills can sense strong emotions in others. And the new girl, Mia? She’s so sad it’s like a gut punch. Luckily, Parker’s developed a toolkit of mentoring and match-making to keep everyone around her as happy as possible, preferring parties to pain any day. But Mia isn’t interested in any of Parker’s tips and tricks. This is more than just annoying (which it totally is.)

Parker is one of four secret psychics in at her middle school, and her precog bestie has a vision that Mia’s pain will lead to the psychics’ discovery by some very dangerous people looking for human lab rats. It’ll all go down at the middle school Halloween dance if they can’t help Mia first. But when Parker’s gift goes haywire, keeping everyone safe suddenly gets a whole lot harder, and with the dance looming, she’s running out of time to stop the coming disaster.

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Dodał: Sanai
08 VI 2021 (rok temu)

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