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Chosen of the True Gods

Brand is a descendant of Life and Death, a member of the race known as the High Men. He is also the man that is closest to being an Avatar of Death and is responsible for the deaths of billions of people on Earth.

With the dimensional drives under his control, Boran destroys Yggdrasil and begins the creation of a new multiverse. Withing the Aether, he grows a tree that will contain Taereun and all the planes that were trapped within Yggdrasil.

With the destruction of Yggdrasil, Yggr loses his means to dominate the other members of the Three Divine Tribes. The Jotun Lords split into factions, and a struggle begins for dominance over the Three Divine Tribes. Seeing their own opportunities, the Dragons of the Celestial Court and the Kingdoms of Diyu renew their conflicts with the Jotuns and each other.

With the Jotun Lords distracted, Emperor Pan Long, a Transcendent Dragon, enters Tren'fon Citadel through a dimensional gate opened by a LjosAlfar agent and claims it for his own. Disturbed by what he learns of Brand, Emperor Pan Long sends agents to hunt down and kill him.

The chaos of war descends on Taereun and the realms from Yggdrasil, and Brand's swords will be bathed in the blood of enemies and innocents.

Cykl Path of Transcendence

1. Ultimatum of the Nameless God
2. Slave Pits of the Tyrannical God
3. Quest of the Ancient God
4. Cults of the Dragon Gods
5. Chosen of the True Gods

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20 VII 2018 (ponad 6 lat temu)

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