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Serpent's Kiss

Five men stand between me and the deranged cult that wants me dead, but that's not all that's going on.

When the Keeper asks me to come to London with him, I figure all he wants is to show me off to some of his academic friends. As the last of my kind, I guess I am something of a show and tell project, even if no one would ever say that to my face. As soon as I arrive in London, however, and figure out the truth about what's going on, everything changes. Suddenly I'm no longer visiting a city I've always wanted to see as a tourist, I'm knee deep in an investigation that blows open a whole new can of worms. As if having a cult hell-bent on killing all of the female supernaturals they could get their hands on hunting me down wasn't bad enough.

It seems like there's nowhere I can go to escape the people who want me dead, but as things start coming to light, I realize there are more forces at work than any of us had thought, and these forces have an agenda that goes way beyond just killing people.

Time is running out, and right now they have the upper hand, because we don't know who they are, what they really want, or where they're hiding, but I have to figure this all out, and fast, because people's lives are on the line, and not just my own.

Seria The Last Serpent

1. Serpent's Touch
2. Serpent's Desire
3. Serpent's Kiss
4. Serpent's Bite
5. Serpent's Hold
6. Serpent's Revenge
7. The Last Serpent

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15 VII 2018 (ponad 6 lat temu)

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