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Newly freed from one family curse, Countess Marguerite Saleri never expects to willingly take on another one--especially not at a swanky island resort just off the coast of South Carolina, USA. But despite feeling that her life is doomed to be meaningless, she can't say no to the elderly resort patron who's convinced his home is cursed. At least the challenge will keep her mind off her current impossible crush - the smart, sexy and very much engaged billionaire hotelier, Wyndham Masters III.

Win Masters has his own family secret to hide - one that's led him to a loveless engagement and tortured him since the moment he met the enigmatic young countess from Garronia who now haunts his every thought. But when Marguerite insists on solving Dawson Holt's century-old curse, Win knows he must intervene or risk her learning the truth about him and his family. Unfortunately, the more Win's with Marguerite, the more she threatens to unravel all his careful defenses - and break his heart in the process.

The curse of Holt House takes Win and Marguerite deep into the rich, story-laden Lowcountry, where together with eccentric neighbors, curious strangers and a mysterious old mansion with a mind of its own, they learn that sometimes, curses aren't at all what they seem...and sometimes, love has to be Chosen. 

Seria Gowns & Crowns

1. Courted
2. Captured
3. Claimed
4. Crowned
5. Cursed
6. Charmed
7. Chosen

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Dodał: Sanai
31 III 2018 (ponad 4 lat temu)

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