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All beautiful love stories deserve to be told, even the ones that don’t end the way we wish they would.

Don’t miss out on Tia and Antonio’s story.

Book two in the Wrecked series.
Coming in the spring/summer of 2015

They call it serendipity. The discovery of something wonderful found by chance encounter.

A happy accident.

Life was the endless thread I pulled at, watching it unravel my chaotic existence—until I met her. I was on the fast track to nowhere, weaving my way to hell one mind-numbing day after another.

But she derailed me.

A pretty blonde with sexy brown eyes that were so deep, I felt them brand me the moment they met mine. They say timing is everything. I met the right girl…at the wrong time and place. What she saw in me or why she even bothered speaking to me, I’ll never know.

I can’t promise you this story ends well. There are days even I can’t see past the fog. But I do know, good or bad, happy or soul-crushingly sad, I’d give every damn thing I have to live it just one more time.

There’s beauty in every disaster. That’s what she was.
My beautiful tragedy.

My happy accident.

My Tia.

Love is bigger than happily ever after. If the love is real, it never ceases. It lives on in every movement you make.
She still lives inside of me.

This is our love story.

Seria Wrecked

1. Wrecking Ball
1.5 Derailed

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Dodał: Miravelle
01 VIII 2016 (ponad 6 lat temu)

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