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Every angel knows that when guarding demons, never, ever leave them alone. Not even for a second ….

Amongst the highest ranking in the angelic hierarchy and most revered of all angels, Nina is lucky to be able to call herself one of the Seraphim. She is indeed blessed.

Or so she should have been ….

Having been tasked with the job of guarding stones in which rogue demons are incarcerated, Nina is decidedly bored. She finds herself wishing for a more exciting life, a more challenging position. She longs to prove herself as a Seraph and earn more respect and veneration.

So, when a chaos demon unexpectedly escapes his captivity, Nina takes it upon herself to hunt him down and bring him in on her own. Being subjected to rebuke from the senior ranking Seraphim, or worse, being seen as incompetent, is not an appealing notion.

However, as she crosses over into the worldly realm and begins her quest, she discovers things are not as simple as she believed ….

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Dodał: Sanai
25 III 2017 (rok temu)

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