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The Scion Princess

Beautiful, submissive, silent, and powerless.

That was the only way the high-borns in the scion society wanted the women in their community. The wanted seductresses, who were passive and obedient.

Anything else, and their value went down.

Odette Thomsett was raised to be the perfect wife in the scion society, where women without psychic ability are to be seen but not heard. After she’s sold by her parents at the annual Scion Bridal Expo, bought by the perfect man, her dreams quickly fall apart. Not only does her future mother-in-law treat her like Cinderella the second her fiancé leaves the room, but she begins having nightmares of a masked person she can’t fight against or escape. Though she finds comfort in her affectionate fiancé and the staff of the mansion, she grows suspicious of her future in-laws when she reunites with people she doesn’t remember.

With the help of her determined friends, and a strange boy who came through her mirror, Odette just may find the strength she needs to handle the truth. That is, if the reality of her life doesn’t destroy her first.

Seria The Scion Society

1. The Scion Princess

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Dodał: Sanai
25 III 2017 (rok temu)

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