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Wild Light

Ava Lake is married to her job. As assistant managing editor for the World Voice, a London-based activist magazine and growing political news organization, she spends her every waking minute exposing injustice and acts of terror across the globe. It is a tough, and often dangerous job, and she is relentless at it, leaving little time for anything or anyone else.

Keaton Stafford is a British freelance photo-journalist and award-winning documentarian, who has stumbled across the biggest story of his life. He’s on the verge of exposing a multi-national group of arms dealers who are providing weapons to terrorist cells. He wants to take down its leaders—many of whom aren’t living in the caves of Afghanistan, but the penthouses of the world’s cities—and cut off the flood of weapons to those who seek only to sow fear and terror.

Keaton brings his story to the World Voice, where he clashes with its ice queen, Ava. Both stubborn, both fiercely dedicated to their work, Keaton and Ava must come together to uncover the story of a century while they struggle to keep their relationship professional. Ava fights to protect her heart that she’s never entrusted to anyone, even as Keaton seems to be stealing it right out from under her.

But when events take a deadly turn, Ava is faced with her hardest test: to keep her perfect, if lonely orderly world…or let love in, no matter the risk. No matter if it costs her everything.

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Dodał: Miravelle
25 III 2017 (rok temu)

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