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Winter's Fire

Sigurd Haraldarson has proved himself a great Viking warrior and a dangerous enemy.

He has gone a long way towards avenging the murder of his family. And yet his vengeance is not complete. The oath-breaker King Gorm - who betrayed Sigurd’s father - still lives and, so long as the king draws breath, the scales remain unbalanced.

But Sigurd and his wolfpack of warriors are not at full strength and to confront the king now would mean death. And so they sail west, to Sweden, where a local warlord employs them as mercenaries, but in a brutal siege, Sigurd, Floki and Valgerd are taken by the enemy, their fate to be sacrificed in return for the gods’ favour.

Escaping the priest’s knife at the last moment, they steal a sacred treasure: Gungnir, the legendary spear of Odin. The journey Sigurd and his colleagues are destined to take is punctuated by blood and betrayal. Uneasy alliances are made, silver, fame-lust and the Odin spear draw men to Sigurd’s banner, until he commands a war host of his own. It is time to return to Norway to face the Oath-Breaker.

When storms rip the sky, men say that it is Odin the Wild Huntsman, summoning the souls of the dead. And Sigurd’s course is set. His return to his homeland foretells death. He will lead his warriors against King Gorm in an epic fight to the death, and the clash of axe and sword and shield will shake the timbers of Valhalla itself, for Sigurd’s bloodlust is like the Spear God’s passing, and his revenge will be the Wings of the Storm . .

Seria The Rise of Sigurd

1. God of Vengeance
2. Winter's Fire
3. Wings of the Storm

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