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The racist, gluttonous king of Mor mismanages the kingdom of Men, destroying trade between neighboring peoples. An ambitious and amoral sorcerer plots to usurp the throne by enslaving a starving and overworked population with a powerful, addictive potion. The disparate nations of Elves and Dwarves brace to withstand an imminent threat to the very world of Tahr as fiery pits and strange omens begin to emerge throughout the lands. Rumors and visions of an ageless evil begin to haunt humanity as a once tranquil world faces chaos and cataclysm.

Four extraordinary young men and women from the races and reaches of Tahr are drawn together by providence and divination, their roles to play in the looming horrors unclear. Lucan Thorne, a roguish young tavern hustler. Aria Evanti, the beautiful and demure Elven Princess of Thornwood. Prince J'arn Silverstone, stoic Firstson of the Dwarf King of Belgorne. Shyla Greykin, an insatiably curious and adorably irreverent Gnomish girl. These are but a few of the varied and layered characters you will discover as you wander the dark and enchanted land of "Tahr."

Cykl The Days of Ash and Fury

1. Tahr

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Dodał: Sanai
20 IX 2016 (ponad 3 lat temu)

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