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Of Beauty and Darkness

They say that when the Reapers Grimm come for your soul, you sigh in relief. Not because you’re glad to be dead, but because you’ve come to realize that anything is better than temptation—even eternal damnation. That’s what I am—temptation, a deadly sin, and one of the Reapers’ dirty little secrets.

The brothers known as the Reapers Grimm don’t play fair. The only thing they care about is collecting souls for the Underworld, and I’m just a weapon in their arsenal. My life was never a fairy tale. My death was never just a deep sleep. And true love’s kiss never awakened me. I was awakened by Jacob Grimm, one of the notorious Reapers Grimm, with a wicked smile on his face and an eternity-binding contract in his hand. My name is Rory, Aurora to some, Sleeping Beauty to most, and Lust to all.

Seria Reapers Grimm

1. Of Beauty and Darkness

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02 IX 2016 (miesiąc temu)

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