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How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic

Deals with one fallacy, explaining what the fallacy is, giving and analysing an example, outlining when/where/why the particular fallacy tends to occur and finally showing how you can perpetrate the fallacy on other people in order to win an argument.


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"'Would you sleep with me for a million pounds?'
'Why yes, I would. '
'Here's five pounds, then. '
'Five pounds! What do you think I am?'
'We've established that. Now we're talking about price.'
(Shaw was correct, but this is not a slippery-slope argument which would have led the lady to immorality in stages. Once the principle was conceded, the rest was bargaining.)"
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"I can show that there is no truth at all in the allegation that hunting is cruel to animals. In the case of the Berkshire hunt described to us, what we were not told was that a post-mortem showed that this particular fox had died of natural causes. So much for charges of cruelty.
(The argument has less life in it than the fox.)"
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