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Dark Leopard Magic

Life has not been kind to Dev Tollen. Alone at an early age, Dev was forced to do things to survive that he feels have darkened his soul. As a wereleopard, Dev, who is also gay, has never experienced the Dreaming that would reveal his true mate and he feels he is destined to live his life alone. That changes when his Dreaming finally comes to him. His mate is Montsho, an alpha black were leopard. Montsho had his Dreaming as well and comes in search of Dev but he never considered his life taking this turn and fights the love and their life as mates. Dev tries hard to win his love but then a ghost asks him to solve the murder of his lover, a wereleopard. Their love may end before it even has a chance when danger comes calling as they search for the murderer.

Dark Leopard Magic is a strangely compelling tale with contrasting heroes who somehow manage to come together and accept each other. The story of the Dreaming showing you your true mate is so very romantic. Finding that person, though, can be a challenge as Montsho and Dev find out. Hot, action-packed, and emotional, Sapphire Phelan weaves a tale guaranteed to keep our interest until the very end.

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Dodał: Sanai
02 XII 2010 (ponad 7 lat temu)

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