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Jump Through Fire

I need to save the tiger shifter before it’s too late-- but I have my own fires to jump through.

Every burn on his paws, every poke and prod from his cruel masters, I feel as if it were my own. I also feel his anger and his thirst for blood. He’s even more of a predator than Hunter or Razvan. There’s a danger about this tiger shifter I’ve never experienced before.

But the road leading to his rescue takes a detour to my past. I’ve thought about my siblings every day since I walked away from that place, and the monsters I left them with. They need to know I haven’t abandoned them, that I’m doing everything I can to get them out. Even if it means facing her.

If it weren’t for the three amazing men in my life, I wouldn’t have a single shred of hope of facing either of these obstacles. I can only hope their love is enough to get me through it all.

Step right up. The ride’s not over yet.

Seria Harem of Freaks

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2. Abra Cadabra
3. Smoke and Mirrors
4. Jump Through Fire

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Dodał: Sanai
17 I 2019 (rok temu)

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