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A Crown of Blood and Ashes

Their love will ruin their kingdoms.

I am a prize to be won. A peace offering in the midst of a violent war. In the underground world of supernaturals, there is always someone fighting someone. Most recently, it’s been witches vs. vampires, slaughtering each other to the point of near extinction. So, in order to make the fighting stop, my parents and the witches have arranged a fight—sound counterintuitive?—for the witch princess’s hand in marriage—that’s mine, by the way, Autumn Delarose. Apparently aligning our bloodline with the most powerful vampire coven is the key to an ongoing ceasefire. Sounds more like a formula for disaster, if you ask me. Especially when I fall for Darren, the sexy vamp who wins me...only to find myself claimed by his coven leader. I know it’s my duty to keep the peace, but my heart and soul longs for Darren. And if we take this where I want it to go, there’s going to be an even bigger war brewing than before...

Seria Enchanted Royals

1. A Crown of Blood and Ashes

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Dodał: Sanai
17 I 2019 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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