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Fate's Fools

How do you find your soul mate if you’re born without a soul?

Deva Rainsong was born with dragon fire in her veins, an ursa’s generous heart, a turul’s skill with song, and the carnal appetites of a nymph. What she wasn’t born with was a soul. It’s all she ever wanted, but the one thing she can never have.

When Fate was handing out those precious things, it must have overlooked her, and a soul is required to unlock the dormant elemental powers within her. Not to mention the only thing that will ever give her a chance of finding the thing she truly desires: a soul mate.

Not only has Fate forgotten her, it seems dead set on destroying the only part of her life that gives her purpose. An ancient bloodline of mixed-breed humans linked to Deva is being hunted by a pack of rogue fate hounds, and her link to the bloodline means she’s the only one who can save them.

She doesn’t count on her quest taking her straight into the arms of a dragon, and she definitely isn’t prepared for the futile desire he incites within her, or the frustrating passion his ursa friend draws out of her. She shouldn’t want the pair so much, but when they both fall victim to the hounds, it may take nothing less than her love to save them.

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1. Fate's Fools
2. Fool's Folly

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