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The Princess and the Fangirl

Movie star Jessica Stone can’t bear to pretend to love Starfield at yet another con—except her contract obligates her to do just that. She never dreamed she’d be typecast as a space princess, but as long as Princess Amara doesn't return for the sequel, she'll be off the hook soon. Because for better or worse, beloved Princess Amara has Jessica Stone’s face. But so does someone else...

Imogen Lovelace is a diehard fan who can't wait for ExcelsiCon—it's her chance to take her viral #SaveAmara campaign to the masses and get the fandom to rally behind reviving Amara's character in the sequel. And yes, she's heard a zillion times that she looks an awful lot like Jessica Stone (save for her bright-pink pixie cut), thankyouverymuch. She just never expected to be mistaken for her—or sitting on her panel by accident.

Jess is furious, but when a massive PR crisis hits after the panel, she realizes she's got the perfect way to be in two places at once: swap lives! Jess can lay low and work behind the scenes to save her career, while Imogen can live the life of a star—and secretly campaign for Amara's return. But the star doesn’t anticipate actually liking the regular life of a fangirl, and she definitely doesn't anticipate liking the gorgeous girl selling fanart beside her. And Imogen loves being Jess—at least until she’s trapped in a paparazzi snafu and realizes fame as a sci-fi actress can mean a harsh reality as a target. With the press poised to reveal their secrets, and the announcement about the sequel looming, both Jess and Imogen will have to stand up for the truth: That there is no such thing as a fake geek girl. That what you love matters. That fandom can, and should, let you be who you really are.

Seria Starfield

1. Geekerella
2. The Princess and the Fangirl

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Dodał: Miravelle
20 IX 2018 (10 miesięcy temu)

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