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Demons and Deception

Hailey is a mage, but she doesn't want to be one. In another life, Hailey was an investigator, a hunter, and a problem solver. New York City was her playground, her hunting ground, a place where every day there was a new mystery that needed solving, but when tragedy struck, Hailey abruptly left the city, the country, and her old life behind.

Now she makes her home in London, working at a university library, stacking and cataloging books and occasionally chasing off students who come to the library without even the slightest intention of studying. It's the normal life she wanted, but it won't last, because Hailey is about to learn a hard truth: mages don't go out looking for danger, it isn't a life they can just drop.

One way or another, danger always finds them.

Seria Magic Blood: The Warlock

1. Demons and Deception

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