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There are at least two portals in operation, connections that link the parallel worlds of Earth and Acacia, but they are being used in vastly different manners. Samil treats his Prime Portal as a gateway to power, fueling his desire to dominate both planets by eliminating the current ruling class through spells and the creation of half-deads. Emily, meanwhile, sees her pathway as a road to knowledge, and she hopes to preserve the ancient hierarchies of dragons on one planet and the system of governments on the other. Whatever their underlying desires, there is no stopping the approaching epic war, a battle that will consume both themselves and everyone they hold dear.

Seria The Ammolite Adventures

1. Bluestone
2. Redstone
3. Greenstone
4. Blackstone

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Dodał: Sanai
23 VII 2018 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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