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Killer Stakes

When I found out vampires were real, everything changed.

And yet, strangely, it all stayed the same, too.

I still worked for a secret metaphysical branch of the FBI. Although, thanks to being thrown around like a rag doll on my last case, I was currently on medical leave. A small mercy given how much personal baggage I had to unload at the moment.

The fallout from the last case didn’t stop at bodily injury. It went much further than that, cracking the foundation of my life and my career in one fell swoop.

Supernatural serial killers are a pain in the ass like that.

I just want to rest and pretend I'm not psychic, but when a team of serial killers hits my hometown, I have to step in.

No, really. It has to be me. No one else knows about the vampires and fey fighting a shadow war right under everyone's noses, and it turns out these serial killers might be involved in the latest supernatural scuffle.

On top of that, I've got boyfriend troubles, I'm bonded to the world's most annoying vampire, and my DNA is suddenly a hot commodity among vampires—as in, everyone wants a piece of me.

I have all the wrong karma sometimes.

Seria Eternal Child

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27 V 2018 (rok temu)

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