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Seeing Sunrise

What do you do when a one-time hookup becomes your summertime roommate?

Jesse Chase is in Colorado just for the summer, and he is determined to have fun. It’s his last summer of freedom before graduating from college, and during his first week in town, he has a sexy hookup in a bar with a hot, mysterious man. The connection is explosive, but afterward, the guy refuses to meet up again.

But two days later, Jesse finds out that that same man will be his roommate for the rest of summer…

"Is this how you get all the guys?"
"Not all the guys act like you."

Nathan Stanford is still hurting after his engagement crumbled almost two years ago. He’s fully focused on his work as a photographer, and he’s definitely not looking for a serious relationship. But when he meets the young, intriguing Jesse in a bar, he can’t hold himself back.

He never expected to end up living with Jesse for the whole summer. He’s completely afraid of taking things any further, but at the same time, he can’t pull away…

“Stay with me. Just for tonight.”

Soon, Nathan is pulled into Jesse’s orbit. He’s forced to photograph a wedding that Jesse is catering, and ends up bringing Jesse on an overnight camping trip soon after.

It soon becomes clear that their feelings can’t be ignored, and what they thought was a summer fling could be so much more….

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Dodał: Miravelle
14 III 2017 (rok temu)

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