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South Severe

South Severe: a quaint and friendly place nestled along a lonely stretch of desert highway. Stop for gas, buy a snack, or take some rest. If you dare… In the mountains above South Severe there is an abandoned gold mine. Forgotten by the modern world, this ancient ghost town is the lair of a blood-sucking devil that hunts in the moonlight. The monster, shrouded in black, is summoned by the music of three magic Indian stones and the murderous desires of its own heart. It slays its enemies with a keen and merciless blade... South Severe is the story of an idealistic young sheriff who believes nothing can go wrong in his small desert town, until friends and neighbors start turning up dead, Indian symbols carved into their flesh. It also follows the lives of several teenagers longing to escape the religious noose of their parents and community. South Severe reflects upon faith, friendship, and courage, incorporating at times random violence and moving spirituality. It’s an epic horror novel for those who grew up reading about vampires, but now want to know the real meaning of young love, pure evil, and what it’s like to live among creatures that will truly bleed your soul.

Cykl An Epic Anti-Vampire Tale

1. South Severe
2. Bedlam Blues

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Dodał: Sanai
16 X 2016 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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