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The Catch

Baseball is his life. So when Easton Wylder is injured in a possible season, ending dirty play, the team calls in the renowned physical therapist, Doc Dalton to speed up the healing process.

But Doc’s not who greets him for a rub down to warm his muscles up before his physical therapy. It’s his daughter, Scout Dalton. Feisty. Athletic. Defiant. Goddamn gorgeous.

Scout’s out to prove a female can more than handle the pressure of running the physical training regimen of a MLB team. And that proof comes in the form of getting Easton back on the field. But getting Easton healthy means being hands on.

She wants him. But she can’t have him. She’s his physical therapist. She’s under the team’s contract. She has to remain neutral - not in bed with him.

But when sparks fly and chemistry ignites, someone’s bound to get burned.

Seria The Player

1. The Player
2. The Catch

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Dodał: Miravelle
12 IX 2016 (12 miesięcy temu)

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