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After five centuries, Adrian Klein is resigned to being the usual suspect, whenever something goes wrong. He may have many “friends” but none of them trust him. Hell, he can’t exactly blame them, considering the fact that he doesn’t trust himself.

He’s too wild, too bestial to fit amongst the vampires. Too restrained to be liked by shifters. Too powerful to please the witches. He’s the ultimate weapon, bred and trained for one purpose: winning.

Everyone assumes he’s gay because they’ve never seen him with a female. When he meets Trish Hunter, the young sassy huntsman supposed to help him defeat the Sorcerers, he remembers he’s anything but.

Trish has spent over a decade blaming vampires for what happened to her father; now she’s had to admit that things aren’t as they seem – some vampires should be trusted; some human should be staked on sight.

That doesn’t mean she’s comfortable comfortable with the likes of Adrian Klein. Used to being the most threatening thing in the room, she doesn’t take kindly to the weird-ass creature who definitely take the spotlight.

Vampire, shifter, witch. He’s every monster she’s ever heard of, wrapped in a delicious package.
Good thing he’s gay.

Seria Age of Blood

1. Wordless
2. Worthless
3. Priceless

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Dodał: Sanai
20 VII 2016 (ponad 4 lat temu)

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