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The Divorcee

Veronica Webber is single again.

And after being in a loveless marriage for too long, she is finally ready to let loose and have some fun of her own.

However, her plan to live life to the fullest hits a speedbump when she stumbles upon Trevor Allen.

He’s got everything going for him to be the next notch on her bedpost; he’s smart, sexy, and funny. But there’s just one tiny detail that could ruin everything… he’s also her ex-husband’s closest friend and was the best man at their wedding ten years ago.

After he successfully charms his way into her bed, she quickly tries to distance herself and pretend it never happened. Veronica retreats to the old and safe version of herself, even if that one night with Trevor was the best night she’s had in her entire life.

Except she never counted on Trevor being so persistent.

Because he’s not so quick to let her get away and will do anything to not only get back into Veronica’s bed... but into her heart.

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10 V 2016 (ponad 3 lat temu)

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