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The Darkest Heart

There is one demon who has been scarred by both the Flamma of Light and the Dark. An outcast of his own kind, high demon Dommiel hides from the rest of the world. For once, he has no interest in debauchery or his former lascivious lifestyle. He has no interest in anything at all. But when the Vessel Genevieve—the one who saved him from torture at the hands of a demon prince—calls to him. He must go. She showed him kindness when he deserved none.

Genevieve begs a favor of her demonic friend—to find the missing archangel, Uriel. Only a demon can enter the dark haunts to discover where Uriel might have gone. Or where he might be held against his will. Partnered with the blue-winged angel, Anya—a stoic warrior—he ventures back into the demon dens he has avoided for so long. Delving into the darkness opens old wounds and uncovers a truth he would rather leave to rest.

The calm, serene Anya is a balm to his wounds, enchanting his heart and capturing his soul. But can an angel love a demon? And save him from the lonely darkness?

Seria Age of Gray

1. The Deepest Well
2. The Darkest Heart

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Dodał: Sanai
18 III 2016 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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