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Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness


When a deadly threat invades the home territory of a wolf pack and their alphas go missing, a new male and female must rise to lead the pack through the crisis.

In the human world, another alliance begins between a reclusive video-game designer and a Cherokee animal-rights activist. Since being mauled by a dog as a boy, Don has retreated into video games and dreamed of working for a company that specialized in werewolf-hunter games. However, when he meets Tsula, she challenges him to see wolves in a new light and pushes him out into a series of wilderness adventures.

In the distant wood, the new alpha pair discovers they face a serious challenge. Will they be able to outmaneuver their rivals, unite the other wolves, and escape with their lives? Must they find a new home or stay and fight?

Tsula's activism drives Don into a double life, though, when she targets the video-game company where he works for its misrepresentation of wolves. Don feels pulled between two worlds, the realm of game design just opening to him and the wilderness Tsula has introduced to him. Which will he finally choose as his own?

And why does the fate of the wolf pack rest in his decision?

Seria Wolf Code

1. A Sheltering Wilderness

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Dodał: Sanai
18 III 2016 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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