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The Leopard Apocalypse

Taking place weeks after the epic battle on the island of Capri, fought between Tullus Acilius Ulixes, the Leopard King, and his nemesis, the Snake Lord Serpentus, the former rogue Tribune, Norbanus Forticus.

Tullus and the Troupe journey to the Alcazar of the vengeful criminal Lord Jarkos Wolfsbane to rescue Celestra the Leopardess, who is being held in a cursed Demonsteel cage, which prevents her from using magic.

Serpentus, using the Serpent Door, travels to the Demon World of Kaotika with a heavily armed detachment of soldiers, in search of allies to build his new Serpent Hoard Army.

Back in Rome, Eliana and her Druid allies continue their struggle against the corrupt regime of Emperor Caligula, but first they must overcome a traitor within their midst that threatens to destroy all they have worked for.

In Switzerland, Centurion Decimus and his Legatus, Eolus, must combine their wits and military tact to prevent a massive German invasion that threatens Roman borders.

Destinies will cause the forces of freedom and oppression to clash in the 3rd installment of the Leopard King Saga, as the Armies of opposing sides vie for victory on blood-soaked battlefields, with the end result far from decided.

Only one thing is certain: characters will find their lives irrecoverably changed.

Leopard King Saga

1. The Leopard Vanguard
2. The Leopard Stratagem
3. The Leopard Apocalypse

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26 I 2016 (ponad 2 lat temu)

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