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The Queen of Hearts

A person’s face does not dictate who they are.

Young Princess Irina Fairface can feel the truth of this in her heart, but in Wonderland, physical beauty reigns supreme. It determines a person’s station, career, and self-worth. From birth, Irina’s face brings shame to her parents: the breathtakingly beautiful and dangerously volatile King Spade and Queen Diamond. Locked away in a tower, Irina whiles away her time with dreams of a new Wonderland—a place where her courageous spirit is more important than her face and all her ideas are not cast aside as nonsense—until the beautiful twin brother she never knew she had discovers her prison. Joshua is her knight, her solace, and the only person who looks at her ugly face and sees the beautiful girl within. It is Joshua who finds a way to free Irina from her tower, but a devious enchantress named Alysha is waiting with open arms for the naïve young princess as soon as she leaves her brother’s sight. Alysha befriends Irina with promises of power, acceptance…and beauty.

Your face does not dictate who you are, but the price of a beautiful face in Wonderland just might change you. It might even drive you mad.

Seria The Era of Villains

1. The Sea Witch
2. The Queen of Hearts

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28 XII 2015 (ponad 6 lat temu)

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