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I once recognized what it was to be human. Now I’m discovering what it is to lose my humanity. My existence as a Vampire is altering what I am; revolutionizing everything there is about me, transforming me into something horrific, salacious and merciless.

The heartbreaking thing about it all is that I’m relishing every moment of it.

The Marauders are still shadowing me, their Werewolf acolytes on my trail. The Vampire Connor, my black haired savior, stands by my side, prepared to sacrifice his immortal existence for me if required and yet the more time I spend with him, the more I realize that he can’t be trusted. He schemes, he plots and with every waking moment, the sadistic, inhuman butcher that he is, makes its way to the forefront as the ramifications of what transpired in California come home to roost.

Yet in the midst of all the slaughter, devastation and falsehoods, just off in the distance looms the Prophecy, the Box of Pandora, destined to be unsealed by my hand. That day is coming and once it arrives, the Celestials, the antediluvian deities of old, arrive with it. Their only purpose being the complete enslavement of all reality itself.

My name is Madison Amber Rose and this is my story.

Cykl The Vampire Manifesto

1. The Vampire Manifesto
2. Fledgling

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08 V 2015 (ponad 6 lat temu)

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