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Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

Can love survive death?

A young man wakes from a car accident to find that he’s actually been killed. Existing on the peripheral of the living, dazed and confused he realizes that memories of his previous life are quickly fading and that he will soon become completely detached from everything he once knew. He doesn't remember his parents, his siblings or even where he was living at the time of his death. He does remember his wife. And he's determined to find her . . . On his journey he meets other spirits, those who are lost, dispossessed and seeking for something more than the existence they find themselves in. Each shares their story with him and with each encounter he realizes that the memories of his past may be distorted and fictions – a desperate act to cling to a life that’s no longer his. But he knows that no matter whether the connection he feels to his wife is actual or imagined, the fact is – he still belongs to her. And it’s only through their reunion that he will be able to discover the man he was – and is now.

Seria Reapers

1. The Reapers are the Angels
2. Exit Kingdom
3. Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

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Dodał: Sanai
14 XII 2014 (ponad 4 lat temu)

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