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Veil of the Unknown

Veil An unseen ethereal hoodlike shroud blanketing the human race. Veiled subjects - Obscured, unVeiled - Unobscured. Genesis: pre-recorded time. Purpose: prevent subject from harnessing superhuman birthright, ensure blindness to preternatural goings-on, i.e., conjured magik, teleportation via portals, and otherworldly beings. Ally: International Organization of Transcendence and Magik (IOTM); infiltrates global governments and conglomerates to proliferate the Veil, thereby maintaining a populace of easily controlled sheople; modus operandi: from promoting Veil supportive ideologies to annihilating threats. Removal: ? No documented account of Veil removal exists. Until now.

Once enthusiastic about life as a librarian in D.C., Obscured twenty-five year old Lily Drew is done accepting her soporific rut of existing, not living. Unbeknownst to her, her silent pleas begin to tear away at her Veil, unraveling it stitch by stitch. She begins to see baffling glimpses of a world aswarm with wonderment. Factor in a sense of being watched and random ESP, and Lily’s convinced she’s prime for institutionalization in a modern day Bedlam. Lily stumbles into a web of intrigue when she has a terrifying encounter with an IOTM agent seeking a magikal object that through happenstance is in her possession. From that moment on, her destiny is altered when she not only embarks on a dangerous globe-spanning clue-bound quest, set in motion fifteen years prior by her long since deceased parents, but also finds herself intimately connected to the IOTM via an ancient prophecy. One after another, witches, vampires, shape-shifters, and more crawl out of the woodwork, all of them wanting a piece of this former nobody, including the elusive stranger shadowing her every move.

As she discovers the people she thought she knew are not who they seem, who can Lily really trust?

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Dodał: Sanai
20 III 2011 (ponad 7 lat temu)

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